2 Questions (usage, and license)

Jan 16, 2013 at 1:49 AM

Hi - this is a great project, thank you for putting all this work into it.  I have two questions.

1) Licensing.  I am thinking about reusing the binary in a commercial project - is this permitted?  I do not plan to modify the code.  The binaries will be bundled with and accessed from another application that I am writing.  According to the license page, it seems as though putting the license into the documentation or ReadMe is sufficient to meet the terms of use, but I want to make sure.

2) My application is configured to compile for 'any cpu' because it needs to run on both x86 and x64  versions of Win7+.  I noticed that the binary download includes both x86 and x64 dlls.  What is the recommended approach for handling this?  I would like for my app to run on both x86 and x64 but worst case it should run on x64. 

Any help appreciated.


Jan 16, 2013 at 8:29 AM

Hi Miguel,

1) As you noticed correctly distributing as a binary along with a commercial product is allowed under conditions mentioned in LICENSE section. It basically means including name of the project, its URL and license text in readme.

2) Currently ANY CPU is not supported. There where some solution proposals see: [discussion:40238]. Unfortunatelly no one has implemented and tested it inside the product, so current release do not support ANY CPU and you need to use x86 or x64 dll conditionally. ANY CPU feature is one of the most requeseted and will be probably included in next releas. Unfortunatelly I can not say anything about the timeframe.