Mouse pos point(x,y) related to application window

Jan 6, 2012 at 10:59 PM

   Know you can do this manually, by using the handle to the window and getting the info. However, since the program already uses this information to determine for the global or application wide settings, thought it would be nice if it was added.

   When doing a mouse listener on application setting, sort of confused why it would return the position in relation to the screen as if it was global. If I missed it, please just chastise me and send me on my way ;) I went through all the source files, and looked for any implementation of getting it, but did not find any.

   This will be great for those using it in circumstances, where you do not have a handle to the application window without having to load windows.forms. An example of this is in XNA in which I am using this great hook to alleviate the problems with there unusable keyboard input.

   I could use the XNA's mouse input and just use the keyboard hook from this, but was just keeping it all in one program for continuity, and because of the great job you did on this. Plus it's nice to have the ability to read the mouse outside of the XNA application as well if the need ever arises.